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First Live stream!

11th Sept 2016

Hey Guys!

The weekend is nearly over and tomorrow is the start of a new week! This past summer I have had a wonderful time relaxing and having fun with my son, after a very very challenging four years studying to be a music therapist!. But Now the time has finally arrived where I have fully qualified. Hurray… BUT the thing is, when I qualified the thing that I was most excited about was having time to do my singer/songwriter thing again! I initially thought when I started the course that by training as a music therapist I would be able to get over my dream of being a singer/songwriter but 4 years away has made me even more determined than ever to pursue my dream.

The past four years wasn’t all a waste of time though, I have learnt so much on my music therapy training journey. I now have a skill that can help people in an incredible way for example my final placement on my course was working with adults who suffered with addiction. I was so honoured to have had the opportunity to work with these people and run a therapeutic songwriting course for 6 months. The impact these clients had on me was astonishing and I will never forget what they taught me. I was also able to see how music helped them to rebuild their confidence, self esteem and personal relationships.

So I am now at the next chapter of my life where I am exploring several ways I can have both in my life. Here is to the next chapter guys and if you want to follow my journey why not join the mailing list. (Bottom of page)I have also started doing Live stream gigs on my Facebook page and will be Live on Facebook this Thursday 15th September at 12.00pm uk time. But for those of you that may be working or in a different time zone I will post it on my feed straight after. Its a really exciting time so I really hope you will join my mailing list so I can share with you all my new ventures…..

Lots of Love

Sam xxx

"England is an album that has been a long time in the working for Sam de la Haye and I hope that her vocal and piano playing ability really achieve the success that they both superb as this really is a great record." FEMALE FIRST Magazine
"I haven't been so excited about a female singer since....well erm...I can't remember!...." SOMOJO Magazine 

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